Looking For Energy Savings? How A Metal Roof Saves You Money

Not only does a metal roof look attractive and create curb appeal for your home, it can also save you money. Metal roofing is composed of recycled materials, which also makes it an excellent option if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint. This type of roof also tends to never end up in your county's landfill because it is recyclable, so you can also help save the environment when you choose this type of roofing over standard shingles. Read More 

Scrap Metal Percentage: How Buyers Pay You For Recycled Scrap Metal

If you're trying to sell scrap metal, be sure you find out the composition of the metal you have. It might look like iron, copper, or even silver, but many times the metal is actually an alloy or mixture of metals. Depending on the scrap buyer you talk to, you could wind up with less money than you'd hoped because of how the buyer evaluates and assigns prices to the metal. Read More 

Finished Hanging Your Drywall? Add Some Texture To Make It Unique

If you or a contractor have finished hanging drywall in your home, you have some options on how to finish it, such as texturing. Below are some tips to help get you started so you can end up with a bedroom that looks fabulous. Before you start, you will have to get the walls ready first. If you have problems doing this, the contractor that installed the drywall can help you. Read More 

Replacing Your Front Door? Turn The Old One Into A Book Shelf!

Replacing your front door gives your home great curb appeal. Depending on the condition of the door, it can even save you some money on your energy bills. But before you throw out that old door, consider how you can incorporate it into your home's decor. One idea is to use it as a bookshelf in any room you wish. This guide provides the steps needed to complete this project in just a couple of hours. Read More