Four Things To Consider Before Having An In-Law Suite Added To Your Home

When your parents get older, it can be difficult for them to live on their own because they cannot care for themselves the way that they need to. If you are fearful that your elderly parent could be hurt if they continue to live on their own, consider having an in-law suite added to your home to provide them with a safe place to stay. The following guide walks you through a few things to discuss with a contractor when you want to have an in-law suite added to your home:

Consider the Location of the Suite

You first need to consider where you want the suite to be located in your home. A door will need to be cut into your home to allow easy access to the suite. You need to be sure that the addition will add visual appeal to your home rather than serve as an eyesore. The contractor will also need to have the ground inspected to make sure that it is strong enough to support the weight of the addition.

Consider the Size of the Suite

Next, you need to consider how large you want the suite to be. Do you want your parent to simply have a bedroom to sleep in or would you like them to have their own private living area, as well? You may want to talk to him or her about what would make them the most comfortable so that they will be happy when they move into the addition.

Consider If You Want a Full Restroom Added to the Suite

If your parent gets up to use the restroom numerous times throughout the night, they may want to have a bathroom in their suite. Adding a full bathroom allows him or her to have their privacy and feel like they are still living an independent life, even though they are living in your home.

Consider the Timeline for the Build

Discuss with the contractor exactly how long it will take for the build to be completed. You want to be sure that it will be done in a timely fashion so that your parent can move into the home as soon as possible.

The contractor will take care of all of the construction for you, including hiring the electrician and plumber that will be needed to finish the project. Be sure to get the entire contract in writing so that you and the contractor can keep track of what is expected at all times.  

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