Turning A Basement Into A Family Room

Having enough space for the entire family is a challenge that many homeowners face. Many homeowners want a room or a set of rooms where the family can gather without being cramped. Often renovations are needed to create these family spaces. In the past, many people considered basements to be just for storage. They are often dark and unfinished. However, with a little know-how, basements can be turned into great family rooms. A few key changes can take a basement from dark and scary to light and airy.

Finishing The Walls, Floors, And Ceiling

When taking a basement from a storage space to a family area, the walls, floors, and ceilings are the first places that need to be considered. The first item on a homeowner's list should be dealing with any moisture that may exist. Basements can be damp spaces in many parts of the US. Any seepage or leaking must be dealt with before any other work is done. Next, ceiling height should be considered. Low ceilings can make enjoying the space difficult for taller members of the family. Ceilings can be lifted to make this less of an issue. Walls should be finished and properly insulated in order to make the temperature of the space comfortable. Flooring choices are also important. Carpet is a great choice for basements since it is a warm and comfortable material.

Providing Light

Lighting choices in a basement can be limited. Not all basements come with large windows and the amount of natural light can be very limited. One way to deal with this is by adding new windows or enlarging the existing windows in order to bring in more natural light. Options such as recessed lighting can also help a basement feel light and airy. The goal should be to bring as much light as possible into the space.

Designing Layout

Making a basement work as a family room also depends on the layout of the space. In some cases it may be difficult to bring a lot of natural light into portions of the basement. Turning these light deficient areas into television viewing spaces is a great solution. Dark areas are ideal for watching movies and television shows. Homeowners may want to consider using the areas of the basement that receive more natural light as craft spaces or socializing spaces. Homeowners will also want to include as much storage as possible for things like games and toys, since it is an area that will be used by the whole family.

Creating a family space in a basement is a great way to add more value and functionality to a home. Basement renovations can drastically change a dark, damp space into a gathering area for the whole family. If you would like additional information, contact an expert like Hopley Builders Inc for a consultation.