Looking For Energy Savings? How A Metal Roof Saves You Money

Not only does a metal roof look attractive and create curb appeal for your home, it can also save you money. Metal roofing is composed of recycled materials, which also makes it an excellent option if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint. This type of roof also tends to never end up in your county's landfill because it is recyclable, so you can also help save the environment when you choose this type of roofing over standard shingles. Aside from these benefits, a metal roof can save you a lot of money after it has been installed.

Extended Life

One of the biggest pluses of a metal roof is the fact that they last for over 40 years. Galvanized steel can last as much as 60 years before it needs replacing. The average life of asphalt shingles depends a lot on where you live and how much sunlight and humidity your shingles are exposed to. Most asphalt shingles last around 15 to 20 years. By choosing a metal roof you don't have to change or repair your roof line as often.

Energy Efficiency

Cool metal roofing comes in a wide array of textures and colors and can save you as much as 40 percent on your annual electricity bill. A cool-metal roof reflections the rays of the sun from the surface of the metal. Traditional asphalt shingles tend to absorb the rays of the sun. By reflecting the heat away from your roof, your air conditioner can work more efficiently and keep your home cooler for less.

Maintenance Costs

Asphalt shingles tend to damage easier when exposed to extreme weather conditions. A fallen tree can tear asphalt shingles and cause leaky roofs. A metal roof generally requires very little maintenance and rarely suffers damage from hail or other extreme weather. Also, unlike an asphalt roof, a metal roof can be painted to give it a sleek new appearance when it begins to look weathered. This saves money on the replacement costs.

Return on Investment

If you ever plan to resale your home, a metal roof can bring as much as an 85 percent return on your investment. A metal roof adds value because potential homeowners can be swayed by the fact that they will realistically never have to replace their roof.

A metal roof adds a neat and attractive finish to the exterior of your home. Not only can a metal roof look great it can provide you with many years of use and money savings even if the initial costs is expensive. For more information, contact a professional such as Advanced Seamless Gutter & Roofing Inc.