Finished Hanging Your Drywall? Add Some Texture To Make It Unique

If you or a contractor have finished hanging drywall in your home, you have some options on how to finish it, such as texturing. Below are some tips to help get you started so you can end up with a bedroom that looks fabulous. Before you start, you will have to get the walls ready first. If you have problems doing this, the contractor that installed the drywall can help you.

Adding Texture

The easiest way to add texture to your drywall is using a sprayer. This can be purchased at most home supply stores. The type of sprayer you will likely use consists of an air compressor, pump, and hose; it can also work as a place for you to put the material.

The sprayer has a hand trigger that you pull to spray the texture from the end of the hose onto the drywall.

The material you use for the sprayer determines how much texture you want. For example, a thicker material will have more texture. The home supply store employee can help you choose the type of material that can achieve the look that you want.

The sprayer will come with instructions on how to spray the material on your walls. In most cases, you will point the hose at your wall a few inches back and press the trigger going up and down or across the wall to distribute the material. When you are finished, if you want more texture, go back over the drywall again.

Types of Textures

You will use a different nozzle on your spray gun to achieve the type of texture you want. Tell the home supply employee what look you want, and they will supply you with the right type of nozzle that is needed on the spray gun. Two types of textures you can put on your drywall, include:

  • Popcorn: With this type of texture, the mix includes small Styrofoam balls to make it look puffy. Because it is thicker, it will hide any problems you have on the drywall, such as small imperfections.
  • Knock Down: The mix for the knockdown technique is thinner, such as watered down pancake mix. It is a much more subtle look, and looks much like a stucco finish.

Texture one small area to make sure you are going to like it before you do the whole wall. If you do not, smooth it out before it dries and start over.

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